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wraith hands comic

gateleaf in gate_pages

Legacy Schedule

Fandy have updated their website with news about the Legacy Series: STARGATE ATLANTIS lives on at Fandemonium Books.

In a series of six novels set after STARGATE ATLANTIS' final season, the groundbreaking STARGATE ATLANTIS Legacy series from Fandemonium Books sees Atlantis return to the Pegasus Galaxy. There they must take on Queen Death, a new and deadly leader of the Wraith, who has her eyes firmly fixed on Earth.

Moving the story forward, the STARGATE ATLANTIS: Legacy series takes our favorite characters into brand new territory - which means that anything can happen, to anybody! The stakes have never been so high.

Book 1: Homecoming - October 2010
Book 2: The Lost - February 2011
Book 3: Allegiance - June 2011
Book 4: Avengers - October 2011
Book 5: The Secret - Spring 2012
Book 6: The Inheritors - Summer 2012


Ooooh, sounds exciting! :D
V exciting! But 2012 is so far away! And that's if they're on schedule! Lucky in this case that I'm a slow reader!
Me too, I still have all the SG1 novels to buy and read so I'll have plenty to keep me going til they come out :D