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Official Stargate Magazine #36

In the latest, and last :( issue...

Chevron Engaged:
The Editor's welcome and farewell to Stargate Magazine, plus a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to everyone who helps make your favourite magazine...

Advanced Telemetry:
All eyes may be on Stargate Universe as the newest addition to the Stargate family, but we're still following the latest developments in the worlds of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Stargazing: Rachel Luttrell
Playing an isolated Athosian in Atlantis Rachell Luttrell embraced her character's adventures to the fullest.

The Universe Interview: Lou Diamond Phillips
It may not seem like it from the character's initial appearance in Stargate Universe, but it was the fact that Colonel David Telford promised to be an "interesting" character that attracted acclaimed actor Lou Diamond Phillips to the role.

The Universe Interview: Peter DeLuise
He's been a Stargate franchise fixture for years, but actor-writer-producer-director Peter DeLuise is relishing the chance to bring something new to Stargate Universe.

Feature: The Stargate Success Story
How has Stargate survived so long when so many others have fallen by the wayside? Stargate Magazine celebrates the show's success with Co-Executive Producer Brad Wright.

The Atlantis Interview: Robert Picardo
When first introduced Richard Woolsey seemed unlikely leadership material: nonetheless he became head of the Atlantis expedition, and Robert Picardo had a great time on two Stargate series.

Meet The Science Guy!
Stargate Universe Creative Consultant John Scalzi explains the fun he's having moving planets around the Stargate Universe.

Making Magic: Producer Interview
A Stargate veteran, Producer John Lenic has been with the show from the start, but he faced new challenges on Stargate Universe.

Military Mind: Angelique MacDonald
The Stargate shows have always had strong connections to the real-world US military. Master Sergeant Angelique McDonald is the latest Air Force advisor, working on Stargate Universe.

Classic Episode: Unending
In the last-ever episode, SG-1 do some major bonding when they're trapped together for 50 years. Definitely not what Cam had in mind when he got the band back together...

Stargate Quiz
Our quizzical focus this issue is on Stargate's endings - the various show's season finales!

Memorable Moment: Enemy At The Gate
It's the end for Stargate Atlantis!

Design Dossier: Universe Season One
For the final time Stargate Magazine has a rummage among the MGM production art produced by James Robbins and Mark Savela for the first season of Stargate Universe.