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'Homecoming' Discussion & Info Post

Atlantis has returned to Earth. The team members have dispersed and are beginning new lives far from the dangers of the Pegasus galaxy. They think the adventure is over.

They're wrong.

With the help of General Jack O'Neill, Atlantis rises once more - and the former members of the expedition must decide whether to return with her to Pegasus or to remain safely on Earth in the new lives they enjoy...

Picking up where the show's final season ended, STARGATE ATLANTIS Homecoming is the first in the exciting new STARGATE ATLANTIS Legacy series. These all new adventures take the Atlantis team back to the Pegasus galaxy where a terrible new enemy has emerged, an enemy that threatens their lives, their friendships - and the future of Earth itself.

SGA #16
Book one of six in the Legacy Series.

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Chronological placement: Post season five. Covers the first six months after the episode Enemy at the Gate.

Related novels: The Lost, Allegiance, The Avengers, Secrets, The Inheiritors.

Notes from the author: Homecoming related (JO), Legacy related (JO), Legacy related (Melissa)

Author: Jo Graham and Melissa Scott

Publisher: Fandemonium

Format: Paperback 320 pages

ISBN 10: 1905586507

ISBN 13: 978-1905586509

Released: December 2010

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100 pages in and . . .

I've just reached about the 100 pages mark and I have to say there is a lot of John/Teyla in here. There's some suspicious Ronon backstory that comes out of nowhere (he studied poetry on Sateda apparently). And Keller keeps drinking orange juice, so she apparently wants her boyfriend to die.

Aside from that it's pretty interesting so far.