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rodney eat & talk comic

gateleaf in gate_pages

Website notice and some interesting reading

Phew, last post for today! Sorry to post them all at once!

I will probably soon be deleting gatepages.net as can't afford the renewal. I've recently been transfering any content from there that wasn't already on LJ to here. Some have shiny new posts, others I've managed to edit into or replace old posts with and am in the proecess of tagging everything. You can find links to the Discussion & Info Posts Index, Forthcoming Releases, Upcoming Events, Useful Links and an Interviews & Articles Archive in the sidebar. These will all be edited from time to time to keep up to date.

And last but not least - Here are links to some recent posts that are well worth taking a look at if you haven't already...

By Diana Botsford

SG-1: Brought to you today by the letters U & Z

By Jo Graham

Is there sex?


Talking about Todd

Moebius Squared

Time Frame for Legacy

Legacy Schedule

No Reset

Legacy Random Roundup

Fanfic and Kanaan

Avengers Preview

Todd the Wraith

Episodes that inspire


*gah!* How did I miss out on knowing Moebius Squared was being written *dies of teh happy* I LOVE that episode!!! :P
Such a great episode! Think this book will be a cracker! Waiting sucks!