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teal'c magazine

gateleaf in gate_pages

Official Stargate Magazine #35

In the latest issue...

The Science of Stargate
Stargate Magazine has an all-encompassing theme this issue: the portrayal of science across the three Stargate TV shows. From the actors who've played scientists, on Stargate Universe, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, to the way alien technology (and it's implications) have been depicted, we go behind-the-screen to look closely at how the shows fare.

Stargazing: Alaina Huffman
Stargate Universe's First Lieutenant Tamara Johansen is tough, as is actress Alaina Huffman, who talks about her first season on the latest Stargate series.

The Universe Interview: Patrick Gilmore
It seems to have been destiny that brought actor Patrick Gilmore to Stargate Universe. "I was a huge Stargate movie fan," he says. "In fact, I saw it more than once and it was just as exciting each time."

The Universe Interview: Peter Kelamis
Funeral salesman, school principal, bus driver and intergalactic casino thug - just a few of the characters that Australian-born Peter Kelamis has played. Now he's one of the science guys on Stargate Universe.

The Univers Interview: Jennifer Spence
Faced with weird, alien technology aboard an Ancient spaceship, actress Jennifer Spence has endeavored to find a place for her character dr. Lisa Park, the girl in the science gang.

The Atlantis Interview: Ben Cotton
His was a supporting role, but playing a scientist on Stargate Atlantis allowed actor Ben Cotton to create a memorable character.

Beyond The 'Gate: Wormholes!
We all know how the Stargates work on TV, but could we ever travel between two points in space via a wormhole for real?

The Appliance of Science: Stargates Take on Science
From way-out concepts and magical gadgets to a series of flawed human scientists, science and scientific ideas have been central to all three Stargate TV shows.

The Journal: Science Report on the Attero Device
Can Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay work together to write a report on their discovery and activation of the Attero device, or will their egos get in the way? Well, what do you think?

Stargazing: David Hewlett
Dr. Rodney McKay rapidly became a fan favourite thanks to David Hewlett's interpretation.

Stargate Quiz
Our quizzical focus this issue is on the science of Stargate - so we hope you've been paying close attention at the back!

Memorable Moment: 48 Hours
Rodney McKay, ever the gentleman, spends his inaugural SGC visit making friends and influencing people in his own inimitable style...

Classic Episode: Ascension
When Carter attracts the attention of an Ascended being, it's the start of a beautiful, if slightly nerdy friendship. If hiding an alien in your basement makes you crazy, sign Carter up immediately!

Wit & Wisdom: The Asgard
Our favourite little grey men may be gone, but they're not forgotten. The Asgard were the slightly sarcastic heart of Stargate. It's our pleasure to bring you their finest moments...