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'The Power Behind The Throne' Discussion & Info Post

The enemy within…

When the Tok'ra ask SG-1 to save a tortured creature from the clutches of Apophis, how can they refuse? But the Mujina is no ordinary being - devoid of face or form, it draws its identity from those around it. All things to all people, it is a creature with terrible potential - for both good and evil.

Their pursuit of the Mujina takes the team to a nightmarish world where human wickedness is at its worst - and there, the creature fi nds its home. Captured by the ethnically pure Corvani, Colonel O'Neill's team must confront the planet's insane leader, the Raven King, as well as a more familiar and insidious enemy.

In this gripping adventure, award-winning author Steven Savile takes SG-1 on an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness…

SG-1 #15

First book in the Iblis Trilogy

Related novels: Shapeshifter (not yet released), Trickster (not yet released).

Chronological placement: Midway through season five.

Author: Steven Savile

Publisher: Fandemonium

Format: Paperback 288 pages

ISBN 10: 1905586450

ISBN 13: 978-1905586455

Released: September 2010

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Have you read it already? I don't expect much from it, not after reading this very well written review:


I will get it at the end of September. I don't think it could be worse than "Valhalla", though. Why aren't they use former fanfiction authors anymore, I ask? Why? I really wonder whether I should stop pre-ordering. It is still time to cancel my order I guess. But I am in need for new stuff, so will read it and suspend my disbelief a lot.

But since this book is from a man, I expect much action and little character development. For that I hope for Diana's and Sabine's books.
I haven't got it yet but hopefully soon! Though there's a few that I still need to read first. I'm such a slow reader it annoys me!